Crewing Companies in the UK

Crewing Companies in the UK

Crewing companies with a decade of event experience are hard to find. Pitman’s People have over 10 years working on Europe’s biggest events.

You’re looking for a crewing company to deliver a high quality structure for your event, on time and within budget; Pitman’s People have been providing crews to the event structure industry for the past 14 years. Our crews have worked on most of the largest and most prestigious events throughout the UK and Europe. We’ve assembled a huge variety of structures, assisting with the build of over 1 million square metres of structure in 2015 alone. We’re proud of our hard-earned reputation as one of Europe’s top crewing companies.


Pitman’s People know what our clients need. Our unique experience in the events industry means that we know what challenges your company might face when up against a deadline. And we pride ourselves on being able to provide a fast-reacting, flexible and efficient service to meet your event needs.

How many other crewing companies can offer their clients a full-time team of experienced marquee and event structure riggers? Can other crewing companies provide their clients with a base of 20 foreman and charge-hands, an additional 40 regular contractors and 150 temporary marquee labourers and riggers fully trained and ready for action?


We’re familiar with most of the large venues and production managers around the UK and Europe. So if you’re an event producer or event services company looking for the best crewing company in the UK or Europe, you can rely on Pitman’s People to provide all the knowledge and experience you need to make your event a success.

We’ve built up the strongest team with the best skills so we can support all your requirements at a moment’s notice – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can provide a high quality crewing company to fit any event budget and scale. We’re happy to discuss your individual event requirements and provide a tailor made crew to meet your needs.

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FAQs – Pitman’s People Crewing Company

What is the minimum time I can book a Pitman’s People crew for?

The minimum time is half a day: 5 hours min pay

Some crewing companies charge for a crew chief. Do you charge for this also?

No, we don’t charge for a crew chief. Each pro crew has a crew chief and is included within the rates.

Do your crew have a uniform and the right safety clothes?

Yes, our crew wear branded t-shirts, fleeces, shorts, trousers, steel-toe cap boots and high-visibility jackets

Where do you operate?

Unlike local crewing companies Pitman’s People operate all over the United Kingdom and Europe. The company is located in central London

Some crewing companies don’t have transport, do Pitman’s People?

Yes, we have two company vans & various sized minibuses

Do you have a 24 hour hotline in case we experience problems?

Yes we do. Crew Planner is on call 24/7 – 020 3651 3330

“Pitman’s People are straight forward to deal with, they have good response times to any enquiries we place and help us during the peak season to top up our permanent build crew teams.”

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Pitman's People is one of the UK's top crewing companies
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