Health & Safety

Pitman’s People are devoted to making sure that all of our employees can operate in a safe working environment. Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 we are responsible for the safety and welfare of our employees at work.

Pitman’s People ensure that all new starters are fully inducted using our Pitman’s Passport system which is an intense programme covering all aspects of health and safety. All crew receive welcome handbooks covering PPE, site safety and industry specific safe working practices; these have been translated into multiple languages so that all of our staff can fully understand and make the most of the information provided.

We also carry out on-site training for our marquee riggers, where our experienced crew chiefs & their pro crews lead new teams in the erecting and dismantling of marquees including the health & safety practices involved.

We continuously monitor and review our health & safety systems and strive to work on new ways to develop them.