Pitman's News: Jobs in detail: Event Security Stewards

The Work

Security staff and door stewards are responsible for the security of customers and staff at public events and licensed premises. They keep order and make sure that people are safe.
As a security steward, one of your main duties would be to check the suitability of people coming into the venue. This could include checking that the person is not underage or carrying any harmful substances or objects, such as drugs or weapons. You would take responsibility for refusing entry to anyone you considered unacceptable. The rules and regulations will be different at each venue but there will be certain rules which apply everywhere.

Your duties could also include:

• Managing crowds to avoid crushing and queue jumping
• Collecting tickets from people coming in
• Patrolling inside and outside the venue
• Watching people’s behaviour and dealing with conflict
• Restraining and escorting people out of the venue, if necessary
• Dealing with emergencies
• Supervising people as they leave the venue
• Co-operating with the police, first aiders and management.

You would often work within a team of two or more, depending on the size of the venue, and use radio equipment to keep in contact with each other.

As with festival work, If you apply for one of our London Security Staff positions there may be large crowds so patience and the ability to communicate well is essential.


Your working hours would depend on the opening times of the venue, but would usually include evening and weekend shifts. Part-time work is very common.
Your working environment will vary depending on the event, but you are likely to work on the gate in all weathers and have some duties inside the venue (which may be very noisy). You will be provided with a uniform or a jacket with a highly visible security badge.
Skills and knowledge

• A good level of physical fitness
• The ability to make decisions quickly
• Good customer service skills
• Knowledge of health and safety regulations and licensing laws
• Good powers of observation
• Strong communication skills
• The ability to defuse potentially violent situations.

If you think you have these skills and would be good at security work, get in touch now and read more at our London Security Staff page