Pitman's News: Pitman’s People Security Staff the World’s Biggest Sprinkler

event staff from pitman's people

At the weekend temperatures soared to heights of 29.7C and what better way for those enjoying the sunshine to cool down, than by getting soaked in The World’s Biggest Sprinkler thanks to Juicy Water.

The PR stunt, which ran over the two-day weekend, was atmospheric of a festival and brought around 8,000 people per day to the green on Victoria Park. Bikini clad eye candy models danced to the music played by the DJ in the 8-meter long device, with its water jets reaching 5 meters.

The security staff, who were provided by Shoreditch based staffing supplier Pitman’s People, secured the area and managed the queues of 20 meters with great serenity and were given great praise.

Emilie Stephenson, Brand Manager at Juicy Water said, “I was extremely impressed with the security staff provided by Pitman’s People over the course of the weekend. They lived the brand values fully and pitched in with duties that were not required of them. Working in the heat can come with its difficulties but they dealt with the temperature and excitable crowds with great professionalism.”

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