Pitman's News: Keep Calm and Call Pitman’s People – June 2013

Pitman’s People believe that requests to supply staff at the last minute shouldn’t be a cause for stress, but instead viewed as a manageable target. The company has a strong ‘passion for perfection’ and have learned to expect and thrive upon the unexpected in order to withstand their motto.

Porsche Smith, Crew HR at Pitman’s People, said “It’s all about preparation. The important tool that we use on a daily basis is our standby system. We have extra marquee crew come into the office first thing every morning and we prepare them in case they are needed on site. We provide fully comprehensive training and therefore even a new starter will know what to expect.”

Oliver Pitman, Managing Director and Founder added,“We have built a reputation with our clients for being able to turn around a last minute request within a two hour period. In the beginning when I would place crews personally I would take calls on a Sunday night at 10pm to supply marquee crew the next day 150 miles away and succeed in doing so. As we are on call 24/7 and we have regular contractors ready for work on our database, we have the ability to supply emergency staffing solutions.

Porsche continues, “Our belief as a bespoke event staffing solutions supplier is that we are here to relieve any stress from our clients who are struggling to find exceptional staff to represent them in such a short space of time. Many of our clients have depended on us in the past to supply event labour, at times where others cannot.”

Hettie Tetteh, Event Staff HR at Pitman’s People, said “Larger staffing suppliers don’t always have the ability to build relationships with all of the staff they are supplying. From discussions I have had with our event staff this ‘cold calling’ approach leaves no room for loyalty or commitment toward the company. Knowing what makes our staff tick, what their passions are and what else they have going on in their lives helps us find the best match for each client and event.”

Pitman’s People are notably accustomed to helping clients with last minute supply

requests and therefore make sure that there is a good supply of flexible and reliable staff on their books. They pride themselves upon knowing their team as opposed to having an endless database of staff that they know little about and share no real relationship with. Pitman’s People provide event dates to their staff up to a year in advance in order to help them plan their diary and financial commitments.

Hettie adds, “Last week we had a last minute staffing request for a major London hospitality event where I received a call requiring 15 waitresses, 6 brand ambassadors and 6 security staff and we had Pitman’s event staff on the way within an hour.”

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