Pitman's News: Why Temporary Event Jobs Lead to Permanent Benefits

Legislation came into effect on 1st October 2011 giving temporary workers the same basic employment and working conditions as their permanent counterparts.

Temporary employment misconceptions

With the introduction of the Agency Worker regulations (AWR), the status and benefits of a temporary employee has vastly improved. Employers (such as Pitman’s People) enquire and inform their temporary workers what facilities and benefits they are entitled to.

Know your rights

Not only can you receive benefits such as paid holidays and access to pension plans, working on temporary event jobs you also have the opportunity to explore various positions. This freedom of movement allows you to gain experience working on some of the most prestigious events in the country! This is the vital experience that many permanent employees lack and thus are unable to advance in the work environment.

Flexible options

The flexibility and receptiveness that a temporary worker possesses means they are highly sought after. In addition, as a temporary worker you have the ability and opportunity to successfully obtain permanent positions if you feel the need to. The freedom of temporary employment allows you to change your mind and not remain in a binding contract with one company for long periods of time. For example, if you are especially skilled in your chosen field, there is always the opportunity to command excellent salary and benefits from various companies without being tied down.

Choosing temporary event jobs has never been better or simpler. Contact Pitman’s People today and find out how we can:

  • Broaden your career prospects
  • Help you gain valuable experience
  • Provide you job opportunities with the benefits that YOU aspire!

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